We work on various cybersecurity problems in the field. We develop new technologies and governing frameworks to advance the blockchain ecosystem in Qatar and abraod.


We are actively developing BlockStack: A full-stack blockchain analytics platform. BlockStack provides answers to high-level queries such as "which Twitter accounts made Bitcoin payments to Silk Road." It supports custom tags and full-text search of annotated blockchain data at the block, transaction, and address levels. BlockStack is designed for privacy research and law enforcement. We used the platform to study user anonymity, monitor underground markets, and investigate financial fraud.



The main regulatory instruments for cryptocurrencies as a financial technology are sandboxes and innovation hubs. We are currently studying the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies in the Gulf region, with an emphasis on Qatar and its unique regulatory challeneges.

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We are always looking for motivated, independent researchers who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. We currently have two open positions for a PostDoc and a Research Associate.

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